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19 Jan. 22

8 Steps to Cleaning Your Sump Pump Properly

Sump pumps are essential for keeping a dry basement. Sump pumps, due to the nature of this useful household appliance, require regular cleaning to keep their systems operating properly. We recommend annual sump pump cleaning, which includes removing and cleaning the pump, clearing the check valve, removing water and debris from the pit, and other tasks.

If you haven’t cleaned your sump pump in a long time, or if you’ve never thought about it, keep reading for seven steps to properly clean your sump pump.

What you’ll require

  1. First, gather all of the necessary materials and items for cleaning the sump pump.
  2. A tarp or piece of plastic sheeting
  3. A tool for scraping debris.
  4. a big bucket
  5. A hose for the garden
  6. For final cleanup, use a wet/dry vacuum.

What is the best way to clean a sump pump?

Before you begin, ensure that it is not raining outside and that you do not have any appliances that drain into the sump pump basin. It is critical that no water enters the area while you work on the sump pump.
Unplug the sump pump from the power source. Unplug the sump pump or turn off the power source’s circuit breaker. DO NOT FORGET TO COMPLETE THIS STEP! It is extremely dangerous to attempt to repair or clean a sump pump while it is connected to a power source.

Wrap the pump in plastic. Wrap the bottom of the pump in the plastic tarp/sheeting to save yourself from extra cleanup. Place the pump in a location where you can easily clean all sides.

Clean out the pump. Now comes the exciting part. Begin cleaning the pump by spraying it with the garden hose. After spraying the pump and removing all loose residue, use the scraping tool to remove any stuck-on debris.
Rinse out the pump. Rinse the pump with the garden hose once more to remove any remaining residue.

The check valve should be drained. While draining the check valve, keep a bucket nearby. Any water that leaks from the check valve will be collected in the bucket.

To remove standing water from the sump pit, use the wet/dry vacuum. This is a self-explanatory step. Remove excess water from the sump pit with your shop vac. You’ll also need the shop vac to clean up any water or residue that has gotten into the cleaning space.

Reattach the pump. Reconnect the sump pump and ensure that all components are in the sump pit as they were before you began cleaning. Reconnect the sump pump to the power source, and make sure to reset the breaker if it was turned off during step two.

Make a note of the date you cleaned the sump pump and keep it handy for future reference. You’ll want to add this maintenance item to your home maintenance list every year, or more often for homes with hardworking sump pumps due to severe weather. You can contact emergency plumber luton anytime about that.