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19 Jan. 22


To flush or not to flush: can coffee grounds cause pipe damage?

Despite the myth that putting coffee grounds down the sink every day is “good” for the plumbing, we are here to tell you the truth:

Coffee grounds and grease are the leading causes of drain blockages and clogs.
Even if you don’t dump them all at once, they’ll combine to form a sludgy, impenetrable nightmare.

Do you have or have access to a garden?

Coffee grounds can benefit all plant life and do not need to be composted. Simply scatter them around your garden to repel insects like ants and slugs while also stimulating your plants. If you don’t have a garden, put them in a container and give them to someone who does. If you have houseplants, you can use them to store both coffee grounds and spent tea.

What else can I make with leftover coffee grounds?

1. Place a small open container of used coffee grounds in the back of your refrigerator to absorb food odors.

2. Use as an exfoliant (a pinch of ground coffee will not clog your pipes!)

  • On hands: to remove stubborn odors or fluids from mechanical work.
  • On the body, combine with coconut oil and exfoliate dead skin cells.

3. Use as a dye to transform white clothing into a golden hue and plain paper into ‘antique’ stationary.

4. Construct your own candles and soap.

  • Coffee-scented candles: Melt wax, stir in ground coffee, and pour into a paper cup with a candlewick. Remove the cup and enjoy!
  • Homemade soap: Did you know that caffeine can be absorbed through your skin?

5. Indulge in an all-natural Spa day.

-Facial therapy: 2 tablespoons coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, 3 tablespoons milk, and 1 tablespoon honey Wipe down the counter with a towel and rinse away any remaining grounds in the sink.
– Cleanse your hair of styling product residue by massaging a handful of coffee grounds through it and rinsing it out.
(A small amount won’t hurt, but if you have a lot of hair, you might want to skip this one!)

What else am I unable to flush down the toilet?

1. Cooked meat fat/lard
2. Olive oil/Margarine/Butter/Shortening
3. Dishes
4. Dairy and Egg Shells
5. Sturdy items: Scraps of food, rags, and paper towels

Some plumbers say that pouring coffee grounds down the drain is fine if you run enough water to completely flush them out of the plumbing system. In most homes, it takes a lot of water to rinse them that far. If you put them down the sink, you should set aside a couple of dollars each time so you can pay the plumber to clear the drains when the time comes. Unless, of course, you’re rinsing them with a lot of water, in which case you’re wasting water.

Kitchen trash can – or plants – do not go down the drain or into the garbage disposal! That is the gist of it!

Call us right away if you have a clogged drain or any other type of plumbing and gas engineer luton problem.